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About SQL Server MVP Deep Dives Special PASS Edition
From SQL Server MVP Deep Dives

BI for the Relational Guy by Erin Welker

Business Intelligence can be intimidating if you spend most of your time in relational database development. This chapter provides an overview of building BI solutions from the perspective of traditional relational database development--including tips from someone who's been there.

Louis and Paul's 10 key relational database design ideas by Paul Nielsen and Louis Davidson

Database design hasn't changed considerably in the past ten years, and yet we often see the same mistakes now that we did in the early days of SQL Server. Paul and Louis take a swing at ten key concepts required to design and implement a database the right way.

Practical Auditing in SQL Server 2008 by Jasper Smith

Starting with SQL Server 2008, Enterprise Edition, instance and database audits are built into the database engine. This chapter looks at the lightweight audit model and the new extended events infrastructure.

Tracing the Deadlock by Gail Shaw

Have you ever seen a deadlock? If so, you've also stared at the incomprehensible error messages and deadlock graph pages that accompany it. Here, Gail Shaw shows you how to trace the details of a deadlock and tease the necessary information out of the deadlock graph so you can figure out what happened and how to fix it.

From SQL Server MVP Deep Dives, Volume 2

TSQL: Bad Habits to Kick by Aaron Bertrand

We all have bad habits, but not many are as obvious as using SELECT *. In this chapter, Aaron explains a few of these bad habits that affect performance and maintainability, how they develop, and why they're so bad in the first place.

Yes, we are all "individuals" (A look at uniqueness in the world of SQL) by Rob Farley

You may know that you can put uniqueness constraints on your data. You may not realize the significant benefits uniqueness constraints can have on your SQL queries. Here, Rob Farley shows you how to make the most of this unique feature.

SQL Server Cost Recovery by Peter Ward

IT departments are continually being asked to do more with less because it's difficult to recover the costs associated with database management. Peter Ward shows you techniques to recover the costs associated with SQL Server management in a way that will satisfy the corporate bean counters.

Parameter Sniffing: Your Best Friend...Except When It Isn't by Grant Fritchey

Parameter sniffing has two faces. Here, Grant Fritchey shows you the good side of the technique, which should be complimented and promoted. He also outlines several ways that bad parameter sniffing can be addressed and presents mechanisms for investigating bad parameter sniffing issues.

About SQL Server MVP Deep Dives, Volume 2

Collectively, the 63 MVPs who contributed to SQL Server MVP Deep Dives, Volume 2 represent over 1000 years of daily experience in SQL Server administration, development, training, and design. This incredible book captures this expertise and passion in a collection of sixty concise chapters, each handpicked by lead editor Kalen Delaney and section editors Louis Davidson, Greg Low, Brad McGehee, Paul Nielsen, Paul Randal, and Kimberly Tripp, and written by an active SQL Server MVP.

This second volume picks up where the first SQL Server MVP Deep Dives leaves off, offering completely new content on topics ranging from testing and policy management to integration services, reporting, and performance optimization techniques. The chapters fall into five parts, Architecture and Design, Administration, Database Development, Performance Tuning and Optimization, and Business Intelligence.

  • Discovering your servers with PowerShell and SMO
  • Getting Async with SQL Server Service Broker
  • Using regular expressions in SSMS
  • Performance tuning the Transaction Log for OLTP Workloads
  • Optimizing SSIS for Dimensional Data Loads
  • Real-time BI with StreamInsight
  • And much, much more
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